3 types of home schooling: home schooling, distance learning and family schooling

Forms of home education Shortcomings with the current education system force parents to seek alternative ways of teaching their children. In the Russian Federation, it is absolutely legal for a child to receive education at home without attending school or other educational institutions. At the same time, there are different types of education at home; […]

How Many NYC Students Will Actually Return to School

Language schools in New YorkEnglish Schools in New York There are all kinds of English schools in New York. Our Tarrytown school is one of the largest, with a campus of over 20 hectares. Facilities include classrooms, a full university library, a 25-meter swimming pool, sleeping quarters, student lounge and much more. In summer we […]

Using Apostrophes After S

Rule of Use of the Apostrophe The English language has several distinctive features. One of them is the apostrophe. This little sign sometimes becomes a big problem for students, as many people are confused when to put an apostrophe and when not. What is an apostrophe in English?An apostrophe is a comma-shaped superscript (‘). Although […]