Antigravity Fitness

In addition to aero yoga, there is also aero fitness. This direction includes strength and cardio training in a hammock. They are a lot like training with TRX loops. Here you also have to balance in an unstable position, while simultaneously performing the specified movements. Only the support for the body is not hanging loops, but a hammock. By hanging in different positions on a hammock, you can vary the degree of load or shift the load on certain muscle groups while relaxing other muscles. Air fitness helps pump up muscles, improve body relief, eliminate flabbiness, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Hammock workouts are available for people of all fitness levels. In a hammock, you can train, even with a pronounced overweight. The suspended structure can withstand loads up to 200 kilograms. Air fitness is also used in rehabilitation activities – to recover from injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But aerofitness classes should be conducted by a professional instructor.