The SHSAT: A study guide

The SHSAT, or Specialized High School Admissions Test, is the test that students take to try and get into one of the city’s prestigious specialized high schools. What is a specialized high school? There are nine specialized high schools in New York City. According to the Department of Education’s website, the city’s specialized high schools […]

SHSAT and SAT Tips, Strategies, and Equipment

This post is based off of what I suggest to my own students. It’s a bit more comprehensive as it covers different types of test takers so use what works for you and ignore the rest. You can find out the exact start date of the SHSAT exam on this website – This post […]

Changing Admissions to the NYC Specialized High Schools

Yesterday, Bill de Blasio, the current Mayor of New York City outlined how he would “fix” our specialized schools. The schools he was referring to were the “big three” of Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech and then five additional schools – The High School for Math Science and Engineering at CCNY, The High School […]

Gre math questions

When introducing Gre math questions the Uniform State Exam in the form of testing in Russia, the authors of the education reform usually referred to Western experience. Proponents of the USE stated that even in France tests play a major role in the final certification. In the baccalaureate exam, for example…. After this assertion, all […]

Dra exam

Every Dra exam child, according to many regulatory and legal documents, has the right to education [1, 2, 3.] The existence of such categories of children, as a child with disabilities, requiring special conditions for education and upbringing, have contributed to the development of different options for education, the emergence of new special professions, approaches, […]

Kinetic learner

One of the definitions of fashion is as follows Kinetic learner. The key words here are obviously “a group at a certain time”, because it is this characteristic that gives us reason to consider a set of habits and attitudes as “fashion”. But if at a certain time some group of people, quite broad, is […]

7th grade workbooks

First, write down the goals that you want the students to achieve while working on the 7th grade workbooks topic. Many Teacher’s Book or Student Book has so-called “Can Dostatements”. In addition, you can make your own based on the needs of a particular group of children. For the best results, make them as specific […]

Punctuation practices

Nowadays, teachers can only guess: whether their students read their textbooks or abstain – this is the opinion of professors from Texas A&M University. They can’t understand whether students miss some pages and don’t think it’s necessary to make notes, or Punctuation practices don’t take a textbook in their hands at all. “It’s something like […]

3 types of home schooling: home schooling, distance learning and family schooling

Forms of home education Shortcomings with the current education system force parents to seek alternative ways of teaching their children. In the Russian Federation, it is absolutely legal for a child to receive education at home without attending school or other educational institutions. At the same time, there are different types of education at home; […]

How Many NYC Students Will Actually Return to School

Language schools in New YorkEnglish Schools in New York There are all kinds of English schools in New York. Our Tarrytown school is one of the largest, with a campus of over 20 hectares. Facilities include classrooms, a full university library, a 25-meter swimming pool, sleeping quarters, student lounge and much more. In summer we […]