Can pregnant women practice yoga?

Yoga including is now popular because it contributes to both the recovery of a person and the maintenance of his well-being.
Pregnancy is an important stage and process in the life of every woman.

Therefore, many responsibly approach their new position, understanding that it is necessary during this period to be especially attentive to their health, to improve and maintain it. The well-being of both the mother and the baby, as well as the course of childbirth, will depend on this.

Can pregnant women practice yoga?
The main thing that should be taken into account when doing yoga (as with any other exercise involving physical activity) is the state of the body according to medical indicators and the level of physical fitness. If you already have experience in classical yoga, then you can not stop and continue the practice, taking into account the recommendations that will be discussed below.

The general recommendation for those who have not had regular physical activity or who have a break in training for more than 3-6 months is to start practicing at 12 weeks if you feel well.

Also, we do not recommend mastering the practice in conditions such as severe toxicosis, any threat of miscarriage and low placenta previa.
For everyone else, when practicing yoga, you need to strictly adhere to the principle of “non-violence” over your body, as well as learn to relax in any accepted position.