Antigravity Fitness

In addition to aero yoga, there is also aero fitness. This direction includes strength and cardio training in a hammock. They are a lot like training with TRX loops. Here you also have to balance in an unstable position, while simultaneously performing the specified movements. Only the support for the body is not hanging […]

What to do with children’s hysteria?

During whims, the nervous system of adults and children themselves suffers. A small person experiences a whole storm of feelings: rage, fear, anger, grief, anxiety, disappointment. Therefore, it is important to quickly calm him down. These tips will help you not get annoyed and easily cope with the situation. Distinguish whims from real needs Whims […]

How to keep kids safe online

Simple tips for parents to help keep your child safe online All parents know how difficult and tedious it is to keep track of their children and cause and effect meaning. From the moment the child wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed in the evening, he is constantly on the move. […]

Yoga equipment

If the person you are picking up a gift for does not yet have yoga bricks, it is worth correcting this omission. A mat + 2 bricks is a starter kit for any beginner practitioner. Experienced practitioners also need them. Personally, I recommend cork bricks. They are the most versatile. It is not always […]

How yoga helps you find your purpose

Before each person initially lies a lot of roads, from which it is possible to choose the most suitable option for themselves. Finding the right path is a difficult task, and yoga can help with this. Yoga is not only asanas and exercises, it is a unique way of life, which is aimed at […]

Melancholy first grader

The strength of the little melancholic is good learning abilities including read what is common core math, provided that the study is organized in a calm and safe atmosphere. The non-conflict of the melancholic and the calm acceptance of the rules will ensure the excellent behavior of the child in the team. The weak side […]

How to accustom yourself to do yoga regularly?

Here are 5 key ways to talk yourself into exercising without skipping classes! Surely something from this list will suit you “Take the first step.” Tell yourself mentally “I will do only 1, maximum 2 asanas, and that’s it for today.” Having agreed in this way with the mind, you get up on the […]


Suffering. All living beings experience it in one way or another. There are gross and subtle forms of suffering, but suffering is an integral part of the cycle of rebirth such as According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, there are five causes of suffering, the five “kleshas”: ignorance, selfishness, attachment, aversion, and lust […]

How to help a child become attentive? Training Your Child’s Attention

Attention, ability to focus your attention on something definite, not to be distracted, shsat math practice – are the main factors of good performance at school. If a child in elementary school never learned to be attentive, then, unfortunately, in the future it will be difficult for him to get knowledge. Most likely, he will […]

Why doesn’t my child want to do homework? 4 important reasons

Many parents dislike homework and 5th grade language arts even more than their children do. If schoolchildren do not solve examples or do exercises at home by themselves, moms and dads often have to get involved and supervise the process. This is nerve-racking and tiring for both parties. What to do if your schoolchild does […]