Healing Visualization

Healing visualization is an effective and popular meditation technique used to restore physical or psychological health.

Take a comfortable posture; Relax, close your eyes and focus on your breath and https://www.julianalucky.com/yoga-for-kids. Take deep and even breaths in and out for three to five minutes.

Without stopping breathing exercises, try to clearly imagine your illnesses as dark clots that are inside your body.

Picture the following picture in your imagination: you are standing under the healing streams of a waterfall, which, penetrating into your body and passing through it, “wash out” the dark spots of diseases. At first, the water comes out black; then gradually brightens – and finally becomes crystal clear.

Now imagine yourself as a completely healthy person. Imagine how you will look after complete healing; “Try on” new sensations and emotions, feel the vital energy that overwhelms you. After each meditation session, try to keep the created image and the inner state associated with it for as long as possible.