How do you get rid of depression?

Although it seems like we have somewhere to get it from? You dig like a horse and you sleep like a dead man. You don’t have time to depress. Ah, no! There’s no time to call your loved one or walk her somewhere for sure. And for depression, there’s always an hour, or even all night. Or the whole weekend, to give herself to her completely. And the most important thing is that we don’t want anything to do with her, because it’s depression and we don’t want anything at all. But we have to do it, or it won’t go away. And I even know what to do, I can tell you. If it helps a man, it’ll save you women as well.

How do you get rid of depression

The main cause of depression is the brain. It’s the brain that processes all the data coming from the world. He listens to what the world tells him, how it treats him, who he holds, what rain he waters, how he appreciates and how he rewards his efforts and mental qualities. As a result of processing all this depressing information, the brain tells the whole body that it is now depressed. And the body, which is used to listening to everything the vulnerable and impressionable brain says, obeys. It starts to feel broken, devastated and needless. Stuffed Cheburashka, dumped in a dump by an older and ungrateful child. So, what’s to be done? That’s right: turn off the brain! At least for a while. Or load him with some new super-task whose solution will take his mind off depression for a long time.

The best way to turn off the brain in Russia has always been a bath, vodka and snout. Or rather, first planned bath, vodka and sex, but then somehow turns out muzzle, although not always. In any case, I would not recommend to esteemed readers of the portal “Home” vodka and scuffle as a means of combating depression, although a good blow can still completely knock out the brain. But it’s certainly a man’s method, women wouldn’t like it. Bath and sex is a yes, although it’s not suitable for everyone. Some of you before sex also need romance, foreplay, and for some reason you do not consider the bath foreplay. So let’s try to reboot your brain in another way.

The easiest way to do that is any physical activity. Right now, stand up and walk around the room. Did you get up? Okay, great. I’ll wait for you to take a walk. You’re back? Okay. Now go again and try to walk five or six flights of stairs. No elevator, up or down. And then go back, up or down. Better, of course, not on the heels of 15 centimeters, for broken legs are unlikely to relieve you from depression. But you can take a heavy bag with you, it’ll help. Well, did you get it? If so, you’ve got a pulse rate and breathing. Blood was coming in. And how’s your depression? Don’t you think it got a little better? No, it’s not going to get any better right away.

You can only get rid of a mild depression with light exercise and movement. And against a strong one, you need to exercise and stress harder. For example, try spending the night outside. Yes, it is dangerous and unusual, but one of the most radical means. Especially if you leave the house in winter without money for 24 hours. And set yourself the extra task of spending the night in the driveway, not with hospitable friends. I used to do that in my college years. I just slept in somebody else’s driveway once. The mattress chose a piece of cardboard, and a pillow – a stack of newspapers, folded at someone’s door. You have no idea what a great newspaper this is! You can plug a slot under the apartment door so it doesn’t blow into your neck. And this morning, I had breakfast at the station with a bread cutlet. And when I got home, I wasn’t depressed for years. Once I thought I had a place to live, and there was a fridge with food and a bed with a blanket – everything, the depression was gone. I still have these memories often treated.

But my heart feels that not all of you will risk repeating such an experiment. Okay, there are easier ways to do that. But the most radical ones are still associated with extreme temperature changes or physical activity that will drive you to complete exhaustion. You can do this in a fitness club, only this time treat yourself without mercy. It’s likely that dancing in nightclubs for six or eight hours probably works the same way. I’m not an expert in this, but judging by the crowds of girls there, many are treated for depression like this.

How do you get rid of depression

Another way is to come up with a bigger problem than any depression. Like trying to choose a new kitchen and order it. Believe me, even such a seemingly simple idea will take away your nerves and strength, that you will not be depressed. And when you eventually called the cost of this kitchen and delivery time, you will first become dazed with horror, and then suddenly light up happy: because you did not originally need this damn kitchen! You were just playing what you needed to distract yourself. And when you hammer the name of the company from which you planned to order, in any Google and it will give you the emotions of unfortunate customers who are unhappy, underdone and unfinished, your happiness and there will be no limits.

There are also more traditional ways to fight depression: drink vitamins, buy dream things, feed yourself with delicacies, undead in aromatic baths, delight your favorite performers, etc. This has already been written about many times, and you have read many times. It also works, but not as effectively as the night in the entrance. And certainly not as effective as sex. Sex is really the best remedy for all depressions! Good brain sex turns off all the good stuff. And the release gives the body a lot of other great benefits. No, really, try sex. Not like always, but normal, with a lot of orgasms. If you don’t know what an orgasm is, find yourself a quality man. Or change what you have. It’s very likely that he’s the cause of all your depression. Either way, get active. I believe in you!