How do you learn to learn?

How do you learn to learn

The basic rule to be remembered by pupils, learning is an essential part of their life, without which further development and formation is impossible. Moreover, not only as a person, but also as a person who can provide for himself materially. Unfortunately, not all schoolchildren understand that it is necessary to learn not just how, but well. Understanding that they missed the time, could not learn the school program in time comes only when it is necessary to pass exams or choose a university for admission. To avoid such a situation in your life, dear schoolboy, learn how to learn to study correctly, without wasting much time, but at the same time, effectively and successfully. How do you learn to learn well? Are you bored with school and constantly unable to do your homework? This situation is familiar to many students not by hearsay, because only a few from the class or from school are able to learn all the lessons quickly enough, and at the same time, the speed of homework does not adversely affect its quality. To begin with, you need to have the motivation without which it is impossible to successfully perform any task, including in adult life. Motivation for successful learning is very easy – you need to find the answer to the question: “What do you need learning for? Surely you want to enter a prestigious educational institution in a few years, get a well-paid profession, and then work. These progressive steps will lead to the end result – you will be a well-to-do person who will drive a luxury car, etc. So you have already created goals and motivated yourself to succeed in the subjects of the school curriculum. The next step in improving school performance is to learn to do your homework effectively. After all, learn – one thing, learn – another, so strive to spend less time to solve the problem of geometry or writing an essay on philosophy, but without loss in terms of quality of the material being mastered. As practice shows, the unorganised person spends a lot of time for all kinds of affairs which performance is not necessary for him. Many schoolchildren, however, like adults, tend to be constantly distracted while they are busy solving important tasks. For example, if you can spend half an hour of your time doing one task, but in those half-hours you still went for a snack, then the time will take much more – in some cases, you can stretch the performance of a simple task for a day. Students should strive to develop their memory and logical thinking – without these skills it will be difficult not only to study at school, but also to solve the priorities in their professional activities. Learn to plan your working day – sign it literally by the minute, and you will see that you have enough time for everything, including rest. But what matters is not what you write on paper, but that you stick to this routine, not changing your plans during the day several times. Try to read as much as possible, and you will realize that some things that you have not previously understood, including in the learning process, become clear as a white day. If you need to work on a large text, do not try to memorize it from the evening – leave it for the morning, but read it once from the evening. Before you learn how to learn well, learn to say “No” to your friends who are constantly distracting you from important things. However, it would not hurt to learn and deny yourself some things that do not contribute to the improvement of your knowledge.

How do you learn to learn

Learning, knowledge and experience do not end with the last school bell, because at school a person gets only a small part of what he needs, both for life and for work. Therefore, throughout his or her conscious life. A man plans his career, working on his character, trying to make him more compliant. In the process of communication, we try to be more attentive to each other, trying to listen to the opinions of their opponents. All this is learned only with experience, and, of course, going beyond the threshold of school, a former student does not have such life experience as a person who turned 30. Before asking yourself how to learn to learn quickly, it is necessary to understand that regular striving for self-improvement can yield positive results. For example, you have decided today that starting tomorrow you will start learning a new foreign language for yourself or improving the one that was part of the school curriculum. Naturally, if you wake up tomorrow and change your plans and do not make any efforts to learn a foreign language, it will remain unfamiliar and very difficult for you. But if you keep your word and start learning 10 words daily from a foreign language dictionary, in a month you will already know 300 words, and in a year – 3600. By the way, it is not only about learning, but also about performing the theses of tasks that seem impossible for you – strive to improve your personal qualities, and you will become a smart and interesting person to communicate.

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