How to accustom yourself to do yoga regularly?

Here are 5 key ways to talk yourself into exercising without skipping classes! Surely something from this list will suit you

“Take the first step.” Tell yourself mentally “I will do only 1, maximum 2 asanas, and that’s it for today.” Having agreed in this way with the mind, you get up on the mat, do 1 asana barely, the second reluctantly, the third easily – and then you are free to do whatever you want.
“Remember your goals.” Think about why you do yoga at all. Who do you want to be and become. What lofty ideals and what wonderful teachers are leading you along this path. Refresh the goals in your memory – and … it’s already easier to get on the mat, right?
“From the contrary.” Or, on the contrary, you can remember what you are running from, “what you are against” in your yoga practice. Well, surely you don’t want to be weak, lethargic, look older than your years and start drinking a bottle after 40 years? Draw to yourself the image of a descended “non-yogini”, and – for the cause!
Turn on upbeat music. Let not the dull voice of a monk chanting a mantra for the 1008th time lead you into practice, but, for example, Ricky Martin or Antonio Banderas. And if this doesn’t work either, turn on the “heavy artillery”: put on some explosive fitness mix, well, at least this one (4.5 million people can’t be wrong!). Didn’t you feel a surge of strength?
Breathe. If you don’t have the strength to start doing asanas at all, tell yourself “I’ll just breathe!”. The practice of pranayama does not take much effort, you can not even stand on the mat. Get started without getting out of bed. But, even after breathing a little, you will surely feel a surge of Prana – and you will feel the impulse to start the class for real!
The most invigorating practices for “that very difficult case”, when there is no strength, “paws ache and the tail falls off”:

Surya Namaskar – “Sun Salutation” has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system and is moderately invigorating, especially when done with Ujjayi breathing;
Shakti-bandhasana – “Poses that remove muscle blocks”, especially Vyagrasana;
Kapalabhati pranayama – “Cleansing breath” will help you breathe and start living;
Bhastrika pranayama – “bellows breath” – radically invigorates;
Complex of Postures of the noble Warrior (1,2,3,4) – these power asanas turn on the lower chakras and the right hormones, and give vigor;
Even more invigorating and warming asanas in this Hanuman blog post;
And also try to use the Tabata-training method in yoga – it will help even the heaviest on the rise! Short sets give energy instead of exhausting.