How to get rid of the complexes

How to get rid of the complexes

Preventing to live fully, the complexes cause a lot of trouble, so you should actively fight them.

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It’s nobody’s fault
To get rid of the complexes, map out the tactics and strategy for war against them. First try to remember those unpleasant moments in your life that cause you a sense of shame. It is not so important whether it is your fault in those episodes, or if you only think it is, forgive yourself and absolve yourself of all sins.

It’s all in the past.
There is no need to live carrying on your shoulders the burden of heavy memories of personal mistakes and misses, as life goes on. You have to choose how you will build your future: with a load of unresolved problems and drooping shoulders or with your head held high and strong confidence in yourself.

You are doing everything right.
Stop scolding yourself for your flaws, other people have enough of them. Accept as an axiom that you are a unique person, and what you perceive as flaws may seem to others to be virtues. If you are the owner of lush forms, then know that many skinny girls want to have the same appetizing figure, and a large number of men prefer ladies “in the body. If you are often overwhelmed by laziness, you may be envied at the exhausted women who have taken on their shoulders almost all the duties of the house.

All good things are true.
Listen to the approving words that others say to you, do not dismiss them as flattery. Believe in the fact that you’re really kind, intelligent, sympathetic. Do not neglect the society of men, their compliments will not only lift the mood, but also improve self-esteem.

Your virtues are real.
Praise yourself as often as you can. Scroll through in your thoughts the moments of your smallest triumphs, remember the admiration of others and their praise. Do not pay attention to your small blunders and mistakes, do not dwell on them, fix any luck. Pay less attention to what other people think about you.

You can use the conveniences of life
Make gifts for your loved one. A small gift, bought without any reason, perfectly raises the mood. It is possible to correlate gifts and with certain events that occur in your life, think over encouraging and comforting gifts for yourself. For example, if you pass the advanced training exam, you will buy yourself a set of beautiful French cosmetics in encouragement, if you do not pass, you will still buy, but in consolation.

How to get rid of the complexes

Failures are not too serious.
Another way to get rid of complexes is art therapy. Its essence is to splash out all negative emotions through creativity. You can try to draw caricatures on those people whose judgment you are afraid of, or sculpt figures from plasticine, write humorous poems, etc. – All this will help you calm down and look at the situation and your complexes from a different angle.

Most problems are solvable.
If it is difficult for you to defeat the complexes on your own, do not despair. The main thing is that you see the problem and strive to solve it. Remember that your subjective evaluation of your own results in overcoming the complexes can be very different from the objective one. If desired, you can find a professional ally in the fight against complexes – an experienced psychologist. He will help you cope with all your far-fetched and real problems.