How to make a good conversation.

A conversation is not about working topics, which can happen to people who are close to you and to strangers. Such a contact allows you to learn something new, get to know a person and form a good opinion about yourself.

How to make a good conversation

It is easier to start a conversation with a question.

Neutral topics are ideal for dialogue, ask about the weather, plans for the next weekend, your favorite activity or children. Choose an area in which the interlocutor understands, it will allow him to easily fit into the conversation. For example, a young mother will be happy to support the conversation about the development and upbringing of the child, a person of athletic physique will be happy to discuss sports and the nearest fitness clubs.

A successful question may be about the circumstances of the meeting, just find out what the person thinks about what is going on or ask for advice on a certain issue. A good option at a party is “Please help me choose a cocktail” or “How do you like this holiday?”.

Make people more important by listening carefully.

People like to talk about themselves, they’re not too interested in other people’s lives. Let the person you are talking to talk to, watch what they say, sometimes ask clarifying questions. It is important not to interrupt or show that you are bored. An interesting conversation is when it causes emotions. When you start a conversation, try to find a topic that pleases your conversation partner and ask questions related to it. You will notice how the person’s eyes will shine, how interesting it will be to discuss it.

Laughter is a very important element of communication.

Learn to joke so you can easily make all kinds of contacts. Vulgar jokes are not always appropriate, but jokes on the subject will only adorn the conversation. Find a dozen exciting stories for yourself, rehearse them in front of a mirror, and tell them around others as needed. The smiles and joys that will bring your words will improve the opinions about you.

Gestures and facial expressions help to keep the dialogue going.

People exchange not only words, but also a lot of information that is transmitted through the body. The easiest way for someone to like you is to start copying their gestures. If he or she crosses his or her legs, do the same; if he or she leans forward, repeat the movement. But remember that posture changes must be connected with some words, at the climactic moments change the position better than in periods of pauses.

How to make a good conversation

Compliments make the conversation more welcoming.

But it is important not to confuse flattery with truth. Saying good words is important, but they must have some basis. If you see a person in great shape, that he is engaged in regular sports, it would be appropriate to say that he looks good. You can compliment a lucky businessman by congratulating him on a good deal or success over the past year. If you can see what a person is proud of, and emphasize it in the dialogue, you will grow significantly in the eyes of others.