How to Raise a Love for Books and Reading in Your Child

In the 21st century, the century of scientific and technological progress, it is more and more difficult to convince children to pay attention to a book and, because there is a computer and a lot of interesting games that absorb them entirely. Our society is accustomed to give preference to the material, not the spiritual. Therefore, now, more than ever, it is important to cultivate a thirst for spiritual wealth in your baby. Teach your child to understand that labor is not only a shovel and a rake, but also a Thought. Thinking, discovering new knowledge is a very hard work.

It is necessary from early childhood to educate the love of the book in the little heir. Then he will learn the rule that a day without reading is a wasted day.

Create your own family library, involve your child in this activity, and he will learn to love a book. For a child, it will become an irreplaceable and inexhaustible source of knowledge, the strongest, irresistible spiritual passion.

Visit bookstores with your baby, choose books together.

Never spare money on a children’s book and, it is better to save money on some toy.

Love a children’s book, then your child will love it.

Encourage interest in a particular publication: choose a good story, sit down with your baby, read to the most interesting place and stop, referring to being busy. If you were able to interest the child, he will finish the story himself. You can do this often.

To awaken the desire to read, you can use chain reading.

To do this, one sentence is read by one of the parents, and the other is read by your baby. Ideally, the mother reads the first word, the father reads the second, and the child reads the third. Then your heir will have a lot of positive emotions. In addition, it will be a joint pastime, which is very important for harmony in the family.

Also contributes to the development of interest in the book reading in roles.

Pick up a colorful story or fairy tale, offer your child to share the roles. If costumes are worn at the same time, then there will be no limit to the happiness of your baby.

The library and will help to arouse interest in reading. It is advisable to enroll the child in the children’s library.

It is very good if the baby visits it with their parents. They need to know what their baby is reading, what interests him most. The librarian will help you with the selection of literature, suggest topics, recommend the best novelties of the library fund.

When entering school, it is very important that your child also visits the school library.

This is quite convenient, since there is always software and fiction there.

Remember, if your kid does not learn to read fluently, in high school it will be very difficult for him to study program material, as a result of which his performance will significantly decrease.