How to write gre essay. How is it different from an essay?

What does the word essay mean? It came to us from France, and if we talk about its history, it is similar to Latin and means weighing.

It’s translated from French as: attempt, sketch. An essay is a statement of the author’s thoughts on a given topic. Sounds like copywriting.

It tells the situation, problems of the topic, the position of the person.
Such free expression of thoughts resembles an article, but the author must follow the order of presentation of information and draw a conclusion. Having studied encyclopedias and dictionaries defining this concept, we can say that they are similar in one.

An essay is a creative approach to the presentation of material. It differs from an essay in that there is a problem, it is asked to think in writing.

It may not have anything to do with Russian literature, it may not be an analysis of works by Russian writers. Depending on the requirements of the essay, it is written on one sheet or on six sheets. Everything depends on the problem under study.

What are the features of an essay?
A certain topic or question that needs to be disclosed. An essay cannot be a work that reveals several problems.
It reveals the author’s ideas about the topic, but it does not mean that it provides comprehensive information.
A new vision of a topic and not an artwork at all. An essay may be historical, biographical, publicistic, scientific or otherwise.
The content of the written essay determines the author’s personality, how he sees the world around him, thinks what he feels.
Essays are used in schools and universities. It is written in a short form or as a big presentation if there is a lot of information and the author wants to consider the problem from all sides. The ability to see what others are missing is an advantage in an essay. According to the results of the tests select students in the university.

The main purpose of the essay
The goal is called the ability to think creatively, to develop the skill of written expression of thoughts. In the essay a person argumentatively proves the point of view, correctly forms the structure of the material presentation, brings the essence of the problem, if there are options for its solution.
The text is filled with examples on the topic and draws the conclusions for which it is drawn.

How does an essay differ from an essay?
It is important to understand how an essay differs from an essay, especially when it comes to test assignments in educational institutions. The main differences:

The text focuses on the author’s opinion rather than on the assessment of the work of art.
There is no image or description of what is happening, the author’s task is to convince the reader of the ideas and to invite him or her to dialogue.
The style of writing the essay is more paradoxical and aphoristic, it has figurativeness.
It uses metaphors, comparisons and allegories (chit. about personification).
The author describes the perception of the topic, makes comparisons and selects examples.
If these rules are followed, the essay will meet all the requirements.

How to write gre essay. How is it different from an essay?

Characteristic features of the essay
There are common features of the genre, which are described in dictionaries:

A small amount of written text.
There are no clearly defined boundaries, but the volume should be between three and seven pages of printed text.

There is a clearly defined theme and its disclosure.
An essay theme is always chosen. It should be the only one, can not contain many thoughts at once.

Freedom of writing is one of the features.
There is no clear framework for writing an essay. It does not obey the laws of logic, but acts contrary to it. This is exactly the case when one has to do everything the other way round.

It’s not easy to write.
The author must present his thoughts in such a way that the reader, without any tension, understands what he wanted to say. There is no need to complicate everything, there is a statement that the essay can write only the author, who knows the topic well, he sees it from the inside.

The paradoxicality of the written text.
This genre implies the reader’s surprise when mutually exclusive statements and statements are stated (see metonymy).

The point is in writing.
Despite the fact that the essay was written in a free style, it should make sense to assert the personal positions of the author.

It is impossible to use conversational slang, abbreviate words, and use frivolity when writing. The nature of the written creation must be serious.
Before you start writing an essay, you should decide on the subject, the volume. You should start with the main idea in order to immediately attract the reader’s attention.

How to write gre essay?
What should I pay attention to when writing an essay?

The topic and the purpose of the essay, the individual sections of the essay, should be defined.
In order to attract the attention of the listener or the reader, it is necessary to write a fact or a phrase at the beginning of the text.
At the beginning of the text, there should be a description of the question on the topic.
The text should have a structure, i.e. it should be divided into paragraphs, sections. There should be a logical link between them, so the integrity of the work will be achieved.
The text of the essay should be written emotionally. This can be achieved by applying short sentences or phrases with different intonations.

How do you write an essay?
Before writing, you can read an essay (there are examples on the Internet) and in this article, below.
There is a rule for an essay, how to write it. The text should have a suitable title.

The structure can be made in any form. The length of the text is small, it is not necessary to repeat in the conclusions the main idea set forth when writing.

There is no need to insert statements such as: “I can tell about it or that” or similar. Because such wording is typical for writing essays. Try to better reveal the essence of the question you are faced with.

The choice of topic
Before you start writing, you need to decide on a topic, and it can take a lot of time, especially in a situation where nothing comes to mind. But there are exceptions, when the teacher determines the topic himself, when there is a direction in the task, when you can take the topic to choose from the list offered or write about whatever you like (free topic).

Clear direction in the assignment
According to the terms of your assignment, the topic of the essay will be known in advance. In this case, the style of writing will be different, and it will depend on where the work is to be submitted. The text for the university will not be the same as when you enter a new job, or when you take the exam at school. The reader or listener of your essay will expect originality, the ability to present your thoughts correctly, the clarification of your professionalism, or something else.

A freestyle essay
This is the most difficult task, although on the other hand the author has unlimited possibilities, because you can write about anything you want. In order not to get lost in diversity, you need to find an area that is not only interesting, but also in which you have knowledge.

Some describe events that have taken place, reliable and interesting facts, celebrities, architecture and much more. Others may tell about themselves or criticize everything. The nature of the text will vary depending on what you write about.

Plan and structure of the essay
First, you should think about what the essay structure will look like. To do this, just take it and sketch what you will be writing about. It will be the “skeleton” of the text, and then it will turn into “flesh”. Every text needs a writing plan, and an essay in particular. Now you understand how to write an essay plan. How to write gre essay fast?
You could say that an essay is written in three steps:

By introduction we mean the first paragraph of the text. It should be written in such a way as to interest the reader in reading the essay to the end. So that the reader understands what will be told about in the future.

The main part
The main part deals with several points of view on the same issue.
This part of the text can consist of several points, first comes the thesis – the idea of the author, which he is trying to convey to the reader. Then the argument and the evidence of the previously written thesis. For example, the current situation from personal or public life, some theory or a proven scientific fact.

How to write gre essay. How is it different from an essay?

If there are two arguments per thesis, because one may not convince the reader, but more simply overload the essay.

However, the author has the right to bring an unlimited number of arguments to one thesis. This will depend on the structure of the essay and its volume. The main thing is that the text is coherent and logical.
Arguments can be arranged in sequence:

An affirmation.
An example.
The final statement.
Concluding part.
At the end of the essay it is necessary to draw the right conclusions for each thesis given in the text part. This way the reader can get a logical conclusion on what has been read. The author should describe the problem and draw a conclusion.
It turns out that at the beginning of the text in the introductory part to interest the reader, and at the end to summarize the information presented. This is a basic rule, how to write a beautiful essay.

How do you write a conclusion in an essay?
The conclusion should put everything together and present the essay as a whole. Here it is necessary to summarize all the above and summarize.
Some useful tips:

In the process of presenting your thoughts, you should alternate between long and short phrases. You will make the reading process easier and the text itself dynamic.
No need to use unfamiliar and complex words, they will make the text unclear.
Try to write less general phrases, because the essay should reveal the uniqueness and personality of the author, as well as indicate his personal qualities.
When using humorous phrases, you should be careful. Some readers may feel annoyed while reading.
It is necessary to talk about personal experiences, impressions and memories of the chosen topic, so you will convince the reader of the truth of what was written.
You should stick to the topic of your choice and not “walk away” by describing obscure facts.
Before submitting the material, the essay should be read, making sure that there is logic in the text.
The results of research and observations are used for greater persuasion.
Example .
The theme: “An open heart makes a man truly rich.”

“It’s not customary to judge a man by his level of wealth. Money may come as a result of hard work, but it does not give true happiness. A person with developed spiritual qualities, moral principles can become truly rich. 1st grade work sheets for essay. In everyday life we follow moral values and this is how our morality manifests itself. A man does not do reckless, bad deeds because he is afraid that he may be punished for it, he does not want to be an outcast of society.

After all, spiritual development is the result of observing the rules of behavior in society, respect for other people, adherence to moral principles. Greed and greed displace bright feelings in a person, eradicate moral qualities. It is hard to believe in this, but emotions from bad deeds are replaced by benefits received. Such a person will justify the crimes for his own profit. Some interpretations of the word “rich” say that this is a man with a wide heart, he is “kept by the gods”. He must help other people, serve for the good of humanity. Humanity is the real value.

The beauty of the soul helps to create a wide range of communication, it attracts other people to the person. One should not think that a rich man is necessarily spiritually poor, it is a general misconception. If a person could earn a certain amount of money, he respects family values, conducts his business honestly and does not hide from anyone, his soul will be open to help sick children, baby houses, homeless animals, people with low standard of living.

Without a soul, without a sympathetic heart, it is difficult to become happy and rich. Property and money can take over a man, he will try his best to keep his wealth in a world of constant change. When we talk about the moral behavior of man, we mean that he is not alienated from society, participates in the social activities of the city, makes donations that save the lives of children and adults.

If we remember the past, in the Russian Empire, one of the expenses of rich people was the contributions to the maintenance of the disabled, orphans, to the development of education. Famous museums and galleries made charitable contributions to the treasury. These traditions still work successfully and the funds continue to be created, supporting poor citizens suffering from cancer.

Only truly a person can be rich, if he or she is well in all spheres of life, he or she is open to society and mutual assistance.
This small example essay can be taken as a basis for writing.