How yoga helps you find your purpose

Before each person initially lies a lot of roads, from which it is possible to choose the most suitable option for themselves. Finding the right path is a difficult task, and yoga can help with this.

Yoga is not only asanas and exercises, it is a unique way of life, which is aimed at the harmonization and full development of the human personality. That is why yoga is recommended to everyone, regardless of the physical fitness of a person and his professional or social activities.

Finding the Right Path
Yoga is, first of all, a positive view of the world around us, the desire to live in harmony with nature, one’s own subconscious and other people. Understanding the general principles of practices such as drachma, ardha, kama and moksha helps determine the right path for further development of the personality. They should be considered in more detail before going to the first yoga classes:

Drachma. A path that implies full agreement in one’s activities with existing ethical ideals. This is a complete rejection of deceit and corruption, as well as violent methods of interaction with people around. This also includes the principle of striving to be a good spouse.
Ardha. This is the basic principle that one must be content with having a roof over one’s head and food. It is believed that we are responsible for our own lives and are responsible for these duties to ourselves.
Kama. In a broad sense, this is the beauty and aesthetics of life. Here it is worth considering carefully what is the aesthetics of life for a person. Yoga lessons help to develop, but not a single teacher can determine instead of a person what exactly can make him complete and beautiful.
Moksha. These are the inner aspirations of a person for a real and complete state of deep inner peace. In fact, it is the very personality of a person and his own mind.
It is these basic principles that guide a person through life, and yoga for beginners allows you to understand their essence.

Meditation and classes for beginners
Meditation is useful not only for inner development and spiritual growth. A variety of yoga asanas allow you to develop physically as well. At the same time, exercises are aimed at improving various qualities of a person:

concentration of attention and others.
By helping to develop intuition and willpower, a yoga teacher creates the basis for a person to independently find their own path in life in the future. Based on intuition, a person can feel the correctness of his decisions and feel his own vocation.

It is worth remembering that performing the Drachma is not always very joyful, but a person is able to intuitively feel what he should do, and you should always follow the path suggested by the subconscious!