Melancholy first grader

The strength of the little melancholic is good learning abilities including read what is common core math, provided that the study is organized in a calm and safe atmosphere. The non-conflict of the melancholic and the calm acceptance of the rules will ensure the excellent behavior of the child in the team.

The weak side of the melancholic is fatigue. There is a high risk of anxiety and fears, psychosomatic diseases in such a baby. Timid and shy children cannot stand the noise, the bad behavior of other children, and cannot work in difficult conditions. Such children easily develop a stable negative reaction: an insignificant remark made by a teacher can lead to a child’s social and psychological maladjustment, accompanied by stable school anxiety. For the successful course of adaptation in the school environment, he needs to feel the safety of the situation and make sure that it is stable and predictable.

Tips for parents

Such children need homework debate and constant energy “feeding” – they must be supported and approved by all means.
Provide stability in the mode, in the schedule of the child. The melancholic cannot be overloaded with additional activities, he needs rest after a school day.