Myths about yoga

You have to be flexible for
The most common min among beginners. It’s not. Yoga combines exercises that develop strength, flexibility and balance. There are many nuances in the practice to improve stretching. Osteopaths, podiatrists and physicians often recommend yoga to increase mobility of the spine and joints.

Need to be a vegetarian.
Anyone can practice or embark on a yoga practice, whether they are an adherent to a healthy lifestyle, a vegan, a vegetarian or someone who does not follow a certain diet. Those who practice yoga regularly can then adapt their diet or switch to vegetarianism over time.

Yoga should be practiced in sacred and uninhabited places
This is not just a myth – it’s an illusion. Yoga can be practiced in any comfortable environment. The practice has long-term goals – health, consistency, regularity. It’s not a one time trip for a week where it’s not a one time trip and it’s not a place to be.

In Moscow it’s not yoga at all. Not like in Mysore/India/Bali.
It’s not the same thing. In Moscow there’s a different climate and rhythm of life. There’s no routine and there’s no fatigue and stress. If you start to practice yoga on vacation, you can have unrealistic expectations and yoga in your normal life will not create the same enthusiasm.

Yoga is fitness for girls
Yoga is practiced by everyone – women and men, retirees, children, people with physical limitations. Everyone can choose a class that solves his or her problem, and fit his or her physical abilities.

Yoga is a religion
Yoga is a philosophy and has nothing to do with religion. All yoga schools and movements help to improve the quality of life. Yoga philosophy can broaden one’s horizons and be complementary to any religion.