“Yoga including https://www.julianalucky.com/post/9-ways-to-practice-mindfulness-with-kids” means “unity” – union with your inner being. This unity comes only after overcoming the mind-body duality and transforming it into a single reality.

An asana is a stable position in which the body and mind can be in a calm, relaxed and peaceful state.

According to tradition and ancient scriptures, Shiva is considered to be the founder of yoga. He created asanas and taught them to his first student, Parvati. It is said that there were originally 8,400,000 asanas corresponding to 8,400,000 levels of consciousness.

The practice of asanas significantly expands the perception of life, helps to move towards the goals of yoga.

We must keep in mind the ultimate goal of Yoga in everything we do in this world, we need to keep the same goal in mind when performing a posture. The goal is to focus the mind. Therefore, any sitting position that helps in focusing the mind should be considered auspicious and comfortable.

The ancient sources of yoga recommend that in the light of the goal of yoga, a comfortable position is allowed precisely for performing concentration, and not just for ordinary bodily convenience. Therefore, one must be careful in choosing this bodily sitting position, since the body is connected with the muscles, the muscles with the nerves, and the nerves with the mind. Therefore, whichever position we choose for ourselves, it must be related to the goal of the mind – contemplation.

Yoga is coherence and balancing of forces, and any curvature of the body will no

t serve to implement the coherence of the nervous system, leading the flow of prana at random. If we slouch, bend or hunch our backs, there will also be a tendency for the energies in the nervous system to obstruct, which we will eventually feel as some kind of inconvenience.Consistent workout of joints and muscles will bring liberation to the whole body, relieve tension, give peace and tranquility.

Those who regularly practice asanas have significantly more strength and energy to cope with life’s obstacles. Family and social relationships automatically become more harmonious, bringing greater benefits to others.