What to do with children’s hysteria?

During whims, the nervous system of adults and children themselves suffers. A small person experiences a whole storm of feelings: rage, fear, anger, grief, anxiety, disappointment. Therefore, it is important to quickly calm him down. These tips will help you not get annoyed and easily cope with the situation.

Distinguish whims from real needs
Whims that develop into hysterics arise when the child is not allowed to satisfy the “Wishlist”. For example, eat sweets before dinner, buy a hundred and fifth toy that will be lying around idle in an hour, read https://argoprep.com/blog/restorative-justice-in-schools/ etc.

An emotional reaction against a background of need occurs when a child is hungry or wants to sleep, but he does not have the opportunity to satisfy his need at the moment.

Don’t let yourself be manipulated
Have you noticed that a son or daughter behaves differently with each member of the family. With dad and grandfather, he shows complete independence, and with mom he turns into a clumsy. Same with tantrums. If the child has realized that it is possible to achieve what he wants, such behavior turns into a “lifesaver”. It is important to subtly feel the moment and not give in, so that tantrums do not develop into a habit.

Denied a child? Explain https://argoprep.com/blog/habits-of-mind-and-how-to-apply-them-in-the-classroom/ and the reason briefly and clearly. I don’t understand, please tell me more. In the process of communication, the child learns to cope with his emotions in an adult way. Add hugs and kisses, the tantrum will pass twice as fast.

Don’t listen to anyone
The crying of a child in a public place causes indignation among others. Someone is sorry, someone is angry, complaining about their parents. But you must be determined to teach the child a lesson, not reacting in any way to his tantrum about the next “I want.” If, for example, you are in line, you can simply apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Let him cry, draw conclusions, and next time such a concert will not be repeated.

Praise the child
Good behavior should be rewarded, as should good grades. If you managed to easily cope with a tantrum, tell your son or daughter: “You are done! Quite an adult/adult.” The child will be pleased that he is appreciated, respected and he will want to be praised again. And that means you will be well behaved.