Yoga equipment

If the person you are picking up a gift for does not yet have yoga bricks, it is worth correcting this omission. A mat + 2 bricks is a starter kit for any beginner practitioner. Experienced practitioners also need them. Personally, I recommend cork bricks. They are the most versatile. It is not always convenient (and not always safe) to lean on light polypropylene bricks in balance poses, and hard wooden ones can cause discomfort in those positions where it is proposed to sit on them, lie down or rest your forehead on them.

If the practitioner already has bricks in their arsenal, then something more interesting can be chosen as a gift. For example, a yoga wheel will help to work deeper into the thoracic spine and train press-up exits into inverted balances. All kinds of rollers, rollers and bolsters will help stretch and relax your back muscles, and an eye pad mask will help you relax in shavasana.