How to help your child fit into a new learning regime

Summer holidays and have always been a headache for teachers. What has been accumulated over the course of a year is eroding and a lot has to be repeated anew. The last academic year ended in the mode of a global experiment: they did not have time to finish the program, as they began […]

Can pregnant women practice yoga?

Yoga including is now popular because it contributes to both the recovery of a person and the maintenance of his well-being. Pregnancy is an important stage and process in the life of every woman. Therefore, many responsibly approach their new position, understanding that it is necessary during this period to be especially attentive to […]


“Yoga including” means “unity” – union with your inner being. This unity comes only after overcoming the mind-body duality and transforming it into a single reality. An asana is a stable position in which the body and mind can be in a calm, relaxed and peaceful state. According to tradition and ancient scriptures, Shiva […]

Hatha Yoga as a stepping stone to Raja Yoga

Hatha yoga and is an indispensable assistant in the development and improvement of physical health of the body. It gives us the opportunity to become more familiar with our own body and become more sensitive to our feelings, but hatha yoga is only the beginning of the magical and wonderful journey into the bowels […]