Can I do yoga in the evening?

In the minds of many, a yogi is a person who gets up at 5 am and immediately finds himself on the mat to do 108 circles of Surya Namaskar. Of course, such early yoga practices are a great way to awaken vital energy and fill up with strength for the day. But what […]

HOW TO PREVENT Rivalry Between Children

There is nothing unusual about the phenomenon itself, but not all childhood rivalry is considered normal or healthy. “While many parents tend to view sibling strife as something natural, childhood rivalry can negatively impact mental health and lifelong. He should be treated as a potential threat, the same as bullying and bullying, ”explains family therapist […]

Why Women’s Yoga?

A woman’s body is dominated by hormones – there are about 60 of them in total, and even if only one fails, this affects the entire structure. Classes affect the endocrine system and help establish the relationship between the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and ovaries. When these three links work in harmony, all biochemical and hormonal […]

How to set up a child for a learning rhythm

After long school holidays, some children, and even parents, are anxious about going back to school. Why? And how can you make it easier to get used to everyday life at your desk and How is the schedule of school life built in other countries? September 1: how to overcome nerves Psychologists say that […]

What is mindfulness?

We are used to believing that after awakening we are conscious, which means that we are conscious. We woke up, and here is the reality in which we live: work, family, affairs, conflicts, tasks,, people around us. But what if I told you that you continue to sleep even when you wake up and […]

The influence of cartoons on children

For a child, cartoons and are a window to the world. They instill certain patterns of behavior, introduce the norms of morality and ethics. Entertain during the period of rest from developing activities and training. With the help of cartoons, children learn different ways of solving problems (including life, everyday ones), learn to think […]

Healing Visualization

Healing visualization is an effective and popular meditation technique used to restore physical or psychological health. Take a comfortable posture; Relax, close your eyes and focus on your breath and Take deep and even breaths in and out for three to five minutes. Without stopping breathing exercises, try to clearly imagine your illnesses as […]

Why is it so hard to take a baby home without crying?

If every visit to the playground ends in a tantrum with tears and screams, then there is a reason for this. Most often, these are features of the psyche of the child after read The basis of the higher nervous activity of a person is made up of two processes – excitation and inhibition. […]

How to Raise a Love for Books and Reading in Your Child

In the 21st century, the century of scientific and technological progress, it is more and more difficult to convince children to pay attention to a book and, because there is a computer and a lot of interesting games that absorb them entirely. Our society is accustomed to give preference to the material, not the […]

What Vipassana Gives: Awareness

To be aware of the present moment, one must be supremely here and now, aware of what is happening in the body and mind at the present moment. At such a moment, you do not remember the past and do not look forward to the future. The previous breath is in the past, the next […]